Angelina Jolie and her children search for the perfect NYC apartment

Angelina Jolie was seen exploring apartments in New York City with her children, Zahara and Pax. The actress seems to be welcoming a new chapter in her life with the support of her loved ones. Photos captured the trio as they searched for the perfect place to call home.

Angelina Jolie, Pax and Zahara

According to ©GrosbyGroup, Angelina Jolie was seen walking with her children, Pax and Zahara. Jolie looked elegant in a white trenchcoat, black pants, and white heels, while her sunglasses added to her style. Zahara, on the other hand, rocked an oversized black t-shirt with a photo of Tupac Shakur and paired it with some shorts and black Converse sneakers. Pax went for a comfortable look, wearing dark pants and a white t-shirt that he matched with pink shoes.

Angelina Jolie, Pax and Zahara

Earlier this year, Angelina Jolie launched Atelier Jolie, a fashion brand that combines her passion for fashion and philanthropy. The brand aims to reduce waste by making clothes out of deadstock, which are items that have not been sold and may go to waste. Atelier Jolie intends to create a community of creativity and inspiration that transcends socio-economic backgrounds. The brand plans to highlight the people involved in each creation and offer apprenticeships to refugees and other underappreciated groups. Atelier Jolie’s goal is to work with global artisans and creators to share the richness of their cultural heritage and support the development of their businesses.

“I’m excited to share that our new creative collective is up and running! As an artist by heart, I’m still learning the ropes of the business side. But I can’t wait for you to join us in this new venture and create alongside me. With your support, I hope to see this collective thrive and grow,” Jolie expressed. The brand’s initial collaboration is with Gabriela Hearst, the talented creative director of Chloé.

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