Angelina Jolie Is One Gorgeous Daredevil in These ELLE Photos Taken High in the Sky

The photo shoot had her suspended over a pool while she just hung in the air and sipped some tea — and we have a feeling she has a lot of tea to dish. But it’s the gorgeous, sky-high image in a hammock while holding The Eternals comic book that has her looking so happy with where she is in life. We would probably be in a panic over being that high in the air, but Jolie looks breezy as she runs her hand through her hair and has a gentle smile looking into the camera. It’s like she has pushed the weight of the world out of her life and she’s entered a fresh stage of her journey — you can just feel the freedom.

The Women in Hollywood issue honors her for her advocacy work with refugees, something she has championed since becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations in 2001. She’s also celebrating her role in the female-centric The Eternals because she felt that she had the opportunity to get to know the “different strengths” of her co-stars, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan and Lauren Ridloff. “Everybody came as themselves. Maybe there’s something to that, that the characters weren’t as far off [from ourselves],” she explained to ELLE. “I think there’s a secret that we don’t know that our director [Chloé Zhao] knows because if you look at her films, she casts a lot of real people as their roles and it shapes her films.”

This almost feels like a renaissance for Jolie after all of her personal struggles. Zhao may see her inner strength — and we see it in those photos — but it sounds like the Oscar winner is rediscovering what that means for herself and for the next chapter of her journey.

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