Angelina Jolie Pokes Fun at Her Single Life in Recent Interview

In a recent interview with E! News, Angelina Jolie shared her thoughts on dating dealbreakers. The actress joked that she probably has a long list of “nos” as she has been single for a while now. Jolie also expressed her love and admiration for her six children, who she says are very capable individuals. Although she still worries about their wellbeing, she feels fortunate to have them as a team, and they are always looking out for her as well.

While promoting her latest movie Those Who Wish Me Dead, Jolie shared that she took on the action-packed role to prove to her children that she’s still got it. She also found it amusing that it had been a decade since she last starred in an action film. On Mother’s Day, the actress spent quality time with her kids and was touched by the sweet surprises they had planned for her, which brought tears to her eyes.

She expressed that the enjoyable part of it for her is the lack of planning and control. She sits back and watches as her loved ones come together to surprise her with something special. The mere fact that they are working and thinking together, and find it significant enough to do so, always brings tears to her eyes. Her family often laughs at how quickly she becomes emotional.

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