Angelina Jolie: The Epitome of Beauty in the Last Decade

Angelina Jolie has been crowned the “beauty icon of the decade” thanks to her alluring lips, mesmerizing gaze and fit physique that exudes charisma. The renowned Hollywood actress is undoubtedly a timeless beauty whose appeal has transcended the years, earning her this prestigious title.

Superdrug, the popular website, recently conducted a survey asking respondents to vote for the “beauty icon of the decade.” The aim was to honor the woman who had the most stunning beauty and charm over the past ten years. Out of the 3000 people who participated in the poll, Angelina Jolie emerged as the clear favorite. Voters were swayed by her alluring slit lips, lustrous locks, and captivating presence that exudes strength and beauty.

According to Steve Jebson, Superdrug’s commercial director, Angelina Jolie’s beauty is not conventional. However, her strong persona emanating from her remarkable physique has made her a one-of-a-kind beauty icon.

In the second spot, following Angelina, we have none other than Jennifer Aniston – the actress who is often referred to as her “rival”, due to her past marriage with Brad Pitt. Despite rumors of a possible rift in the relationship between Angelina and Brad, the star from Wanted has expressed her love for Angelina, stating that there has never been any tension between them.

To portray a blissful family image, the most renowned Hollywood couple, Brangelina, had a delightful and comfortable stroll in New York during the previous Christmas season with their six-member family. Presently, Jolie is wrapping up the last scenes for the action-packed movie of 2010, Salt.

The movie narrates the journey of Evelyn Salt, a CIA operative who takes on the guise of a detective to carry out espionage activities in Russia. However, her cover is blown by a defector who accuses her of plotting to assassinate the President. As a result, Salt finds herself embroiled in a mission to vindicate her loyalty and exonerate herself from the false allegations.

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