Angelina Jolie’s Advocacy Leads to Domestic Violence Law Approval in California Despite Brad Pitt’s FBI Clearance

Californian lawmakers recently introduced a new law, Senate Bill 290, known as the “Domestic Violence Documentation: Victim Access.” It was announced on Monday, July 17 that the bill had been passed. Actresses such as Angelina Jolie have shown their support for this bill as it provides easier access to evidence of domestic violence for survivors. Jolie explained in a statement how urgent it is to ensure abuse victims have access to this evidence in a timely manner.

angelina jolie helps domestic violence law passed brad pitt abuse allegations

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According to a letter addressed to the legislature, providing supporting evidence can prove the validity of abuse experiences and improve the chances of receiving trauma care and legal protection. The letter also emphasizes the importance of having records of abuse to advocate for health and safety protections in legal systems, including family court. It is not just about criminal charges, but survivors need access to proper care and support.

angelina jolie helps domestic violence law passed brad pitt abuse allegations

Throughout her life, Jolie, who is now 48 years old, has experienced domestic abuse firsthand. She accused her ex-husband Brad Pitt, who is currently 59 years old, of physically assaulting her and some of their children during a flight in 2016. As a result, an investigation was launched by the FBI to look into the alleged child abuse, but Pitt was ultimately found innocent of any wrongdoing.

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