Angelina Jolie’s Blonde Victorian Bouffant: A Stunning Transformation for Her Latest Film

Angelina Jolie, a top-tier actress, recently finished shooting her latest movie, Come Away. Her appearance in costume for the film is so different that she’s barely recognizable. Her co-star David Oyelowo posted a picture of the cast and crew on Saturday, where Jolie, dressed in Victorian clothing, stood out from the modern-day outfits worn by the others.

It’s a wrap! David Oyelowo recently shared on Instagram that he has just finished filming his newest movie, Come Away. The actor posted a photo that caught the attention of fans: a Victorian era Angelina Jolie was featured, looking stunning with her blonde bouffant hairstyle.

Angelina was beaming as she took a selfie with the cast and crew of Come Away, still in their costumes from filming. She squeezed into the photo with the group, which included Selma star David Oyelowo, and they all smiled for the camera. Although most of the group seemed to be dressed in modern clothing, there was one woman who looked like she had stepped out of the 1800s. It was none other than Angelina herself, wearing a long black Victorian dress that covered her from head to toe. Her hair was styled in a voluminous vintage bouffant with curls framing her face. Despite standing out in her unusual outfit, it was easy to spot the actress with her signature plump lips.

Exciting news! A new film is in the works that gives a fresh spin on two beloved childhood tales, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. And guess what? Angelina Jolie is part of the cast! She portrays the mother of both Peter and Alice, named Rose. Recently, she was seen on set in Los Angeles wearing a grand costume with a signature blonde bouffant hairstyle adorned with a rust-colored flower. Her burnt orange gown flowed behind her as she prepared to shoot a scene. The upcoming movie, Come Away, takes a more serious tone than the cartoon versions of these classic stories. Instead, it focuses on Rose and Jack, played by David Oyelowo, who are trying to overcome the death of one of their children with the help of Peter and Alice. Despite its darker themes, Come Away will still transport viewers to Neverland and through the looking glass for an unforgettable adventure.

Brad and Angelina are currently embroiled in a battle over the custody of their six children. The Maleficent actress has been busy juggling multiple projects while dealing with the ongoing divorce proceedings with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Recently, the couple reportedly met for a secret meeting to try and resolve their differences. According to sources, the meeting was successful, and they have agreed to follow the plan set forth by the courts. After a decade together, the former celebrity couple split in 2016 and share six children: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox.

Their love story has come to an end. The once dynamic duo went their separate ways in 2016 after enjoying each other’s company for more than ten years.

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