Angelina Jolie’s decision to retire from acting- A major career shift on the horizon!

The popular magazine, Du Jour, recently reported that Angelina Jolie expressed her discomfort with acting and claimed that she had plans to quit the profession entirely.

The stunning Angelina Jolie recently spoke to Du Jour magazine and confessed that she has never enjoyed being in front of the camera. Surprisingly, she revealed that she hopes to have a career as a director because it makes her feel happier. The actress also shared details about her two latest films, Unbroken and By the Sea, which she directed. In By the Sea, she even took on an acting role alongside her partner, Brad Pitt. The movie portrays a complex marital life of a couple set in 1970s France. Moreover, Angelina Jolie admitted that she plans to give up acting altogether in the future.

According to Angelina Jolie, being an actress has never been her cup of tea. She finds directing herself and Brad Pitt emotionally challenging as they have to balance their roles. The movie ‘By the Sea’ is quite heavy and requires them to push each other to deliver their best performances. Overall, it’s a cool experience for them.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reunited on screen after almost ten years since their appearance in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Fans are eagerly anticipating her upcoming films and hoping that she will win an Oscar as a director. In 1999, Jolie won an Academy Award for her role as an actress in Girl, Interrupted. Apart from her successful career in entertainment, the mother of six children has hinted at pursuing a political path in the future.

On the front page of Du Jour magazine, we see Angelina Jolie and Jack O’Connell, who played a lead role in the film “Unbroken” that was directed by Jolie.

Jack O’Connell is still cast in the film “By the Sea” alongside Angelina Jolie, as reported by

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