Bigo Buzz: Get a Sneak Peek of Gal Gadot’s Snow White Transformation

Take a look at the debut appearance of Gal Gadot as Snow White

Disney has recently revealed the seven new dwarfs that will be featured in the upcoming live-action remake of Snow White, which stars Gal Gadot. The movie is set to be released next year and will feature Rachel Zegler as the antagonist, Queen Clementianna, alongside Gadot. This highly anticipated film is expected to capture the hearts of audiences just like the original animated version did.

Gal Gadot has expressed her excitement for her role in the modern retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, remarking that it is a unique experience unlike anything she has done before. The new version of the classic story features updated visuals and a fresh take on the seven beloved dwarfs. Production photos offer a glimpse of what audiences can expect from this delicious cinematic treat.

The Daily Mail has released exclusive images of Rachel Zegler as Snow White, accompanied by seven forest-dwelling comrades in the upcoming live-action blockbuster. These dwarves, who come from diverse backgrounds and physical appearances, deviate from the traditional image of short, overweight, white males depicted in the animated classic. This represents a significant shift in the film’s representation and casting choices.

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