Blackpink’s Bold Fashion Statements Set Paris Runway on Fire in 2024

During Paris Fashion Week 2024, the four members of Blackpink stole the show with their fashionable and trendy styles. Known as Korea’s national girl group and fashion icons, Blackpink not only wows with their music but also their impeccable fashion sense. Throughout the fashion week event, Blackpink continues to shine in the spotlight with their chic and innovative outfits from renowned fashion houses, captivating the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Their sophisticated taste in aesthetics and confident fashion choices have caught the eye of designers, who have handpicked them to showcase their cutting-edge designs and set new trends that will inspire fashion-forward followers.

Lisa, in particular, stunned the crowd with her bold and sexy ensemble from the renowned brand Louis Vuitton. Sporting a crop top paired with super short “hotpants” that accentuated her figure, Lisa radiated a seductive and glamorous aura. Completing her look with a floral embroidered jacket and a camera-shaped handbag typical of the Louis Vuitton brand, Lisa exuded luxury and sophistication. With minimal makeup and elegantly styled hair, Lisa’s appearance at the event marked a significant milestone in her journey towards becoming a prominent figure in the fashion world’s red carpet scenes.

(Picture credit: @lalalalisa_m)

(Picture: @lalalalisa_m)

Jennie, known as a trendsetter, wowed fans at Paris Fashion Week with her stunning choice of a two-strap dress by luxury brand Chanel. Her enchanting beauty and captivating allure in the chic “all black” ensemble made her the talk of the town. The youthful dress, crafted from unique terry fabric, boasted volume and was paired perfectly with knee-high velvet boots, adding flair to her look. To enhance her outfit, the female rapper accessorized with a dazzling gold-plated necklace, adding a touch of sparkle. Her unique curled hairstyle and statement patent leather coat completed the look, drawing all eyes on the Chanel ambassador, even in the chilly Paris weather.

(Photograph: @jennierubyjane)

During Paris Fashion Week in 2024, Rosé of BLACKPINK made a splash with her stunning outfit, earning her a spot on the best-dressed list. The singer, known as “Princess Saint Laurent,” wowed in a flowing chiffon dress with a daring see-through style that showcased her sexy side. The bold design even revealed part of her bra, adding a touch of unconventional flair to the event’s red carpet. Rosé completed her look with trendy black horizontal-rimmed glasses and a chic black mini bag with a gold-plated chain, giving her ensemble a touch of nobility and luxury.

(Caption: Can’t get enough of these beautiful roses! Photo credit: @roses_are_rosie)

With her stunning combination of an elegant vest from Dior, Jisoo truly embodied the essence of a “Dior Princess” during Paris Fashion Week 2024. The audience was pleasantly surprised by her unique look, featuring two cute pigtails and a chic vest that exuded both elegance and charm. Despite her contrasting hairstyle and outfit, Jisoo managed to pull off a youthful and impressive appearance, standing out among her BLACKPINK group members. The addition of white and black doll shoes paired with trendy high-neck socks gave her ensemble a distinctive “French-chic” and “Preppy” style, further solidifying her status as a fashion icon.

(Picture: @sooyaaa__)

Let’s take a look at this fantastic photo captured by @sooyaaa__.

(Photograph captured by @sooyaaa__)

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