Demi Rose Flaunts Stunning Physique in a Petite Black Bikini During Photoshoot in Santorini

With nearly 20 million followers, she has become a popular sensation on Instagram. Demi Rose treated her fans to another enticing photo on Thursday, as she lounged in an infinity pool during her luxurious vacation in Santorini, Greece. The 26-year-old model flaunted her stunning curves in a skimpy black bikini, striking a pose that left her followers in awe.

Stunning: Demi Rose put on another sizzling display for her fans on Thursday, posing in an infinity pool during her sun-soaked getaway Santorini, Greece

Absolutely breathtaking: Demi Rose treated her followers to yet another captivating sight on Thursday, as she flaunted her figure in an infinity pool amidst the picturesque backdrop of Santorini, Greece. With a bronzed makeup look that highlighted her beauty and her damp hair cascading down to her peachy behind, Demi exuded confidence and allure.

In full modeling mode, the influencer effortlessly posed for the camera, showcasing her sultry side during the impromptu photo session in the pool. This display of confidence comes following a candid Instagram Q&A session where Demi openly discussed her sexuality and the challenges she faced during her earlier years.

Sizzling: The model, 26, showed off her incredible figure in a tiny black bikini as she posed up a storm in the steamy snaps

Wow! The influencer was in full model mode as she struck several sultry poses during the mini photoshoot in the pool

On fire: The 26-year-old model flaunted her stunning physique in a scanty black bikini while striking a pose in the steamy photos. She first gained popularity when she was rumored to be dating rapper Tyga, and although she never openly discussed her sexuality before, she revealed to her fans that she is open to dating women.

When a follower asked her about her preferences, she replied saying, “I went through a phase where I was more attracted to girls than guys. Now, I’m more into guys. It really just depends.” Describing her ideal partner, she mentioned that she is looking for someone who is inspiring, honest, put together, has a deep soul, open-minded, kind, ambitious, and thoughtful.

Speaking out: The post comes after Demi spoke openly about her sexuality and her troubled childhood in a candid Instagram Q&A

Demi recently shared some candid insights about her personal life, including her struggles with bullying, parental abuse, and the challenges of becoming her mother’s full-time carer at a young age. She opened up about these difficult experiences during an Instagram Q&A session, showing courage and vulnerability in sharing her story.

On the hunt: Detailing what she's looking for in a partner she went on to share that she's on the hunt for someone 'inspiring, honest, well put together, a deep soul that's open minded'

In search of a partner: Describing her ideal match, she expressed her desire for someone who is ‘inspiring, genuine, well-presented, and possesses a deep and open-minded soul.’

‘I faced disability for seven years before losing both my parents four years ago. I often find myself misunderstood, but those who truly know me appreciate my kindness, which brings me joy.’

‘Every struggle I endured has shaped me into a person overflowing with empathy. I am grateful for every hardship as it has molded me into who I am today.’

Demi experienced a lot of sadness when her father Barrie passed away at the age of 80 in 2018, followed by her mother Christine’s passing just seven months later.

When asked if she missed her life before becoming famous, Demi shared that her childhood wasn’t easy and she didn’t enjoy it much. While there are certain things she misses about her past life, she is grateful for how her life has evolved.

In 2020, Demi opened up on her Instagram Story about the hardships she faced, including being abused as a child, bullied in school, and hurt in past relationships.

Speaking out: The glamour model also reflected on her tough bringing in a series of candid statements as she said she'd been the victim of 'parental abuse'

Opening up: The model also discussed her challenging upbringing in a series of honest comments, revealing that she had experienced ‘parental abuse’.

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