“Dua Lipa’s Hair Game: The Evolution of a Coloured-Hair Icon”

From the moment Dua Lipa stepped into the limelight, she exuded a natural beauty that seems to come effortlessly. Whether she’s dressed in glamorous attire for a red carpet event or keeping it simple on a casual day out, her looks are always admirable.

Although Dua Lipa has been making waves in the fashion industry lately, her beauty transformation has been a more subtle affair. Her trademark dark locks, chunky rings, and glittery eye makeup have become her signature look, but her journey to get there is equally impressive. As she navigated her way through the celebrity world, Dua has experimented with a range of styles, from two-tone hair to bold red lips and even shaggy bangs. If you’re curious to witness Dua Lipa’s beauty evolution over the years, keep scrolling.

Back in June 2013, a fresh-faced Dua made an appearance at a fashion show in London. Her style was all about embracing her natural hair and keeping her makeup look minimal.

Skipping ahead a couple of years, and surprisingly not much has altered (did she suddenly gain the ability to time travel?). She made an appearance at the 2016 BRIT Awards in February, and her hair and makeup remained nearly identical.

During a private luncheon in May 2016, the artist opted for an elegant and effortless look. She donned a breezy dress and kept her hair casually down, framing her shoulders with ease.

In February 2017, Dua decided to switch things up and give herself a bolder, edgier appearance. While attending a New York Fashion Week event, she was spotted donning a black minidress that featured a cutout design, paired with a shorter haircut that was styled in a choppier fashion.

Fast forward to June 2017, and her hair is still cropped short with a more defined eye makeup look. She’s also taking risks with her jewelry choices, layering a bold leather choker with longer gold pieces for a striking look.

As of December 2017, it appears that the singer is embracing her individuality even further. She has opted for a slightly shorter haircut and a bold red lip, along with a bralette top that highlights her impressive abdominal muscles.

Last May, Dua made a bold move and went for a drastic change by cutting her long locks into a short and edgy blunt bob.

In June 2018, she rocked a stylish look with short hair and a bold lip while performing at a Music & Arts festival. It definitely worked wonders for her!

The singer’s appearance at a movie premiere in February 2019 can only be described as sultry. Her shoulder-length hair was sleek and straight while her bold eye makeup made a statement on the red carpet.

In September 2019, Dua attended the Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 Runway Show where she showcased a daring and playful style by adding colorful elements and statement love heart earrings. She also took advantage of her hair’s longer length to create a wavy texture for more experimentation.

On the 26th of September 2019, she decided to pay tribute to Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s new fragrance, Libre, by getting herself a fresh haircut with shaggy bangs. The lob hairstyle gave off strong Cleopatra vibes and was well-received by many.

In October of 2019, Dua surprised everyone by revealing that she had gone blonde. However, instead of going all-in on the new look, she decided to keep her natural dark roots visible underneath the highlights for a more unconventional half-and-half style.

In the month of the Pride of Britan event, Dua made a statement with her fashion choice. She flaunted an 80’s-inspired look that highlighted her unique two-tone hair. Her updo added to the boldness of her style. She donned a black velvet minidress that had puffed shoulders and paired it with sheer black tights.

In November 2019, the trend of having either brunette or blonde hair continued among celebrities. However, this time, they opted for some serious extensions to enhance their look. Dua Lipa was spotted at the American Music Awards wearing a bright pink gown and a high-ponytail which looked stunning as it fell down her back with ease.

In March 2020, Dua continued to flaunt her trendy two-tone hairstyle. Her natural darker roots were prominently showcased, proving that regrowth can indeed be fashionable. It’s safe to say that whoever thinks otherwise hasn’t seen the songstress’ unique interpretation of this style.

During the lockdown, she succumbed to boredom and convinced her then-partner, Anwar Hadid, to dye her hair a delightful peachy pink hue.

Towards the end of 2020, Dua Lipa went back to her roots by flaunting her darker hair at the American Music Awards and sending a kiss to her fans. It was during this time that she began to play around with shimmering eye makeup, bold accessories, and attention-grabbing nails, which have since become a signature part of her unique style.

In June 2020, after a few months into the lockdown, Dua was hit by boredom once again. As a result, she decided to switch things up by opting for a two-tone raspberry and cocoa look that added a fiery touch to her appearance.

Dua Lipa won multiple awards at this year’s BRIT Awards and her standout beauty look was her beehive hairdo which perfectly complemented her vintage outfit, paired with striking pearl accessories.

In June 2021, she debuted her first high fashion campaign where she sported a fiery copper hairstyle for Versace.

In the same month, Dua decided to change up her look by getting bangs. She sported them during a night out with her friends, where she wore a stunning red minidress that had some daring cutouts.

In September 2021, Versace showcased their Ready to Wear Spring/Summer collection with Dua Lipa gracing the runway. Her hair was the longest it had ever been, flowing past her waist and cut to a single length. As always, she adorned a glittery eye makeup and chunky rings to complete her look.

Dua appeared with a blonde hairstyle once again in April 2022, showing off her commitment to the look more than ever before. Although there were still hints of her natural dark roots, her blonde hair was undeniably the longest she had ever sported. She paired the look with a bold red lip and kept her eye makeup minimal to allow her hair and makeup to shine on their own.

In June 2022, Dua Lipa returned to her world tour with a new look that showcased her natural roots – waist-length hair and unique MUGLER outfits designed just for her.

In July 2022, the artist rocked a vibrant hot pink look for a Puma ad campaign. It was an absolute vibe!

Dua is keeping up with her signature look that involves a simple foundation, bold and shiny eye makeup, and an abundance of layered and bulky accessories.

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