“Empowering Encounters: Gal Gadot and Frances McDormand Embrace at Vanity Fair Event Celebrating Diversity”

During the Oscars ceremony, Frances McDormand’s heartfelt acceptance speech for Best Actress brought tears to the eyes of the audience. It was a beautiful moment when she invited all the female nominees to stand up with her. Later on, at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Gal Gadot expressed her excitement and happiness for Frances’ well-deserved win for her outstanding performance in Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri. On the red carpet at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Gal showed her affection towards Frances by giving her a warm and loving embrace. The two talented actresses had an enthusiastic conversation, seemingly unaware of everyone else surrounding them.

Big night: Gal Gadot, 32, greeted Oscar winner Frances McDormand, 60, with a very warm embrace at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night

During the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Gal Gadot, 32, shared an affectionate embrace with Frances McDormand, 60, who had just received the Best Actress award and delivered a moving speech about inclusivity. Gal sought out Frances for a private conversation and approached her directly at the high-profile afterparty. Frances, still glowing from her win, appreciated the attention and happily engaged in a discussion with the stunning Gal.

Fan girl: Shunning everyone else around her on the red carpet, Gal, 32, showered Frances, 60, with affection before the two stars enthusiastically chatted away

Fan girl: Shunning everyone else around her on the red carpet, Gal, 32, showered Frances, 60, with affection before the two stars enthusiastically chatted away

Gal, a passionate fan girl, was completely absorbed in her own world as she graced the red carpet. She couldn’t care less about the other people around her and focused all her attention on Frances, a well-known celebrity who is 28 years her elder. The two stars appeared to be thoroughly engrossed in their conversation and were evidently having a great time together.

Sensational: She moved the audience to tears by asking all of her fellow female nominees to stand with her as she collected the award for Best Actress

Amazing: The powerful appeal she made to fellow female nominees to come forward and support her on stage as she received the award for Best Actress moved the entire audience to tears.

Warm embrace: Gal was clearly keen on having some time alone with Frances as she made a beeline towards her at the star studded afterparty

Warm embrace: The woman appeared enthusiastic about spending some wonderful moments with Frances and made a beeline for her at the lavish post-party gathering, which was packed with famous personalities.

Hollywood's elite: Knowing full well it was her time to shine, Frances happily lapped up the attention as she conversed with stunning Gal

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s elite were on full display, and Frances was relishing in the attention. She found herself in conversation with the stunning Gal, who turned heads in a show-stopping red dress that accentuated her perfect physique. The daring neckline exposed her ample cleavage, while the high slit revealed her toned legs. Gal’s contoured makeup and sleekly styled long brown hair further enhanced her beauty. Both women exuded confidence and happiness as they reveled in their success.

Stars: While she stood next to an Oscar winner, Gal also commanded attention in a glittering red gown which showcased her figure to perfection

The stunning red dress worn by Gal was the talk of the town, as it beautifully hugged her curves while standing next to an accomplished Academy Award winner. Despite the bright stars of the night, it was Gal’s remarkable radiance that shone the brightest and left a lasting impression.

Wow: The number plunged down the middle to showcase her cleavage before going on to skim the rest of her envy-inducing statistics

Wow, I can’t believe it! The curves dipped dramatically at the midpoint, giving a tantalizing peek of her chest before gliding smoothly over the rest of her impressive figure.

Red hot: Showing off her toned arms thanks to the spaghetti strap detailing, Gal also showcased her perfect pins due to the number's thigh high split

Red hot: Showing off her toned arms thanks to the spaghetti strap detailing, Gal also showcased her perfect pins due to the number's thigh high split

Gal looked incredibly gorgeous as she showed off her toned arms through the spaghetti straps of her dress. Her perfect legs were emphasized by the thigh-high cut of her outfit, making them even more eye-catching.

Beauty: The former Miss.Israel flaunted her stunning features with a contoured make-up look and slicked her brunette tresses behind her ears

The former Israeli beauty queen flaunted her stunning appearance by applying makeup that highlighted her facial features. Additionally, she gracefully tucked her luscious dark brown hair behind her ears.

Happy: Gal continued the animated display at the lavish bash with actress Tiffany Haddish

Gal and Tiffany Haddish maintained a celebratory atmosphere at the lavish event, which was held after Frances’ appeal for greater financial backing for female-led films in Hollywood. At the 90th Academy Awards, Frances called on all of the women nominees to support her cause, aiming to change the industry’s outlook. She made a playful comment, proposing that if Meryl Streep stood up, others would join her.

Woman of the hour: Tiffany also couldn't resist congratulating Frances with a warm embrace

Expressing her admiration for Frances’ success, Tiffany warmly embraced her to convey her congratulations.

Powerful: This comes after Frances called for more funding for female driven films as she asked all her fellow women who were nominated in all categories to stand with her

Frances made an admirable move by advocating for more funding towards movies that spotlight female leads. In addition to this, she extended an invitation to all the female nominees to join her in supporting this important cause.

Incredible moment: Frances then asked all the female nominees of the night to stand with her in solidarity; She went on to add humorously, 'Meryl, if you do, everyone else will'

Frances made a remarkable move by inviting all the female nominees to stand together as a symbol of solidarity. She even infused a bit of playfulness by teasing Meryl Streep to join in, which resulted in everyone else standing up as well.

She's ready: 21-time nominee Meryl Streep got to her feet and helped rouse everyone to attention

Meryl Streep had a whopping 21 nominations to her name, so when the moment came, she was ready. Rising to her feet, she took charge and gathered everyone’s attention.

Having her say: McDormand closed with a message clearly directed to industry insiders, 'I have two words to leave with you tonight: inclusion rider'

As McDormand concluded her speech, she directed her words towards the high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry. She was motivated by Meryl Streep’s display of support for her fellow female nominees. McDormand stated that everyone has their unique narratives to share and projects that require financial backing. She urged the industry professionals not to merely discuss it at social gatherings but to welcome them into their workspaces or visit theirs. She emphasized that they would be happy to brief them on everything. Finally, McDormand left the audience with a parting shot: “Inclusion rider.”

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