“Gal Gadot wows in a chic black dress at exclusive Toronto phone launch”

Just days after finishing up shooting her latest hit movie Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot made a dazzling appearance at the Canadian debut of the new Huawei P30 Series in Toronto. The 33-year-old actress turned heads in a stylish black maxi dress adorned with a pretty brown floral pattern.

Stylish: Gal Gadot put on a glamorous display in a black pleated dress as she attended the launch event for the new Huawei P30 Series in Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday

Elegant: Gal Gadot looked stunning in a black pleated dress at the launch party for the latest Huawei P30 Series in Toronto, Canada. She elevated her look with beige heels and opted for minimal jewelry with jewel stud earrings. Her hair was styled in a neat bun with a gold band, complemented by a glamorous makeup look. The actress appeared cheerful as she delivered a brief speech on stage, endorsing the new phone from the Chinese brand.

Chic: The actress stepped out in a black pleated maxi dress which had a brown floral print

Stylish: The actress rocked a black pleated maxi dress adorned with a beautiful brown floral pattern.

Helping hand: The Wonder Woman star seemed in good spirits as she took to the stage to give a brief talk at the event, which promoted the Chinese brand's new phone

Giving a helping hand: The popular actress from Wonder Woman appeared to be in a cheerful mood as she graced the stage to deliver a brief speech at the event, highlighting the latest phone from the Chinese brand.

Warner Bros. has officially set a release date of July 5, 2020 for Wonder Woman 1984, after originally planning for a November 1, 2019 premiere.

The 2017 Wonder Woman movie was a huge success for Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe (DCEU), starting off strong with an opening weekend of $103.2 million.

Drawing in $412.5 million domestically and $821.8 million globally, the film exceeded expectations given its $149 million production budget.

Shortly after the success of Wonder Woman, Gadot reprised her role in Justice League, which hit theaters in 2017.

Keeping it simple: Boosting her height in a pair of beige heels, the star kept her accessories simple as she wore jewel stud earrings

Keeping things uncomplicated: Elevating her height with a pair of beige heels, the celebrity opted for minimal accessories, sporting jewel stud earrings.

Stunning: Pulling her raven locks back into a sleek bun Gal wore a gold band in her hair, and wore a glamorous palette of make-up

Beautiful: Styling her dark hair into an elegant bun adorned with a gold band, Gal also sported a glamorous makeup look. Hebrew is her first language, and she initially felt self-conscious about acting in English because she hadn’t perfected an American accent. In an interview with GQ, she revealed her struggle with her accent, confessing, “I fought my accent for so long, trying to sound more American. I was shy about it until I finally let it go.” With guidance from her dialect coach, Gal learned to embrace her accent, realizing that as long as she was clear and understood, it was okay to be herself. She shared, “If you learn to accept that you’re different and feel comfortable with it, others will eventually feel comfortable too.”

Pretty: Gal shared a stunning Instagram snap as she put on make-up

Beautiful: The woman posted a gorgeous photo on Instagram while applying her makeup.

She'll be back: Gal recently wrapped filming on her latest blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984, and Warner Bros. has announced a July 5, 2020 release date for the film

The return is imminent: After finishing work on her latest hit movie Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot will be making a comeback. Warner Bros. has set a release date of July 5, 2020 for the film, so get ready!

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