“Gal Gadot’s Warm Embrace of Frances McDormand at Vanity Fair Event Following Inspiring Diversity Speech”

The speech given by Frances McDormand after winning the Best Actress award was emotional and touching. She urged all the other female nominees to stand with her, leaving the audience in tears. At the Oscars after-party hosted by Vanity Fair, Gal Gadot was thrilled about Frances’ victory and hugged her warmly. During their conversation on the red carpet, Gal displayed her fondness towards Frances, and both stars appeared to be having a lively chat.

Big night: Gal Gadot, 32, greeted Oscar winner Frances McDormand, 60, with a very warm embrace at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night

Gal Gadot and Frances McDormand shared a heartwarming moment at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Frances, who had just delivered an inspiring speech on diversity after winning the best actress award, was warmly embraced by Gal. The two actresses spent considerable time chatting with each other at the star-studded afterparty. Frances was appreciative of the attention and enjoyed conversing with Gal, who seemed excited to connect with her.

Fan girl: Shunning everyone else around her on the red carpet, Gal, 32, showered Frances, 60, with affection before the two stars enthusiastically chatted away

Fan girl: Shunning everyone else around her on the red carpet, Gal, 32, showered Frances, 60, with affection before the two stars enthusiastically chatted away

This is the pinnacle of fangirling! A woman, aged 32, paid no heed to the other attendees present on the red carpet and instead, devoted all her attention to Frances, who is aged 60. The duo appeared to be showering each other with love and chatting away with enthusiasm.

Sensational: She moved the audience to tears by asking all of her fellow female nominees to stand with her as she collected the award for Best Actress

Incredible: Her gesture moved everyone in attendance when she asked all the other female nominees to stand and join her on stage while accepting the award for Best Actress.

Warm embrace: Gal was clearly keen on having some time alone with Frances as she made a beeline towards her at the star studded afterparty

Warm embrace: The sight of Frances at the post-event celebration made Gal visibly thrilled as she made a beeline towards her, eager to cherish some precious bonding moments.

Hollywood's elite: Knowing full well it was her time to shine, Frances happily lapped up the attention as she conversed with stunning Gal

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood were on full display as Frances made an appearance at a high-profile event. She caught everyone’s attention by engaging in lively conversations with other celebrities, including the breathtaking Gal. Gal, who turned heads in a striking red gown that perfectly showcased her enviable figure, had all eyes on her. The dress featured a daring neckline that highlighted her cleavage and a thigh-high split that flaunted her toned arms and legs. To complete her stunning look, Gal opted for a contoured makeup style and slicked back her luscious brunette hair behind her ears.

Stars: While she stood next to an Oscar winner, Gal also commanded attention in a glittering red gown which showcased her figure to perfection

In a stunning red dress that accentuated her curves flawlessly, Gal captivated the attention of everyone around her, including an Academy Award recipient. Despite the brilliance of the other celebrities present, Gal managed to shine brighter than any of them that evening.

Wow: The number plunged down the middle to showcase her cleavage before going on to skim the rest of her envy-inducing statistics

Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The outfit featured a daring neckline that drew attention to her curves, while the fabric draped elegantly to showcase the rest of her stunning physique.

Red hot: Showing off her toned arms thanks to the spaghetti strap detailing, Gal also showcased her perfect pins due to the number's thigh high split

Red hot: Showing off her toned arms thanks to the spaghetti strap detailing, Gal also showcased her perfect pins due to the number's thigh high split

Gal confidently showed off her well-defined biceps and lean legs in a sizzling red ensemble that had slender straps and a daring slit up to the thigh.

Beauty: The former Miss.Israel flaunted her stunning features with a contoured make-up look and slicked her brunette tresses behind her ears

Looking stunning as ever, the former Israeli beauty pageant winner flaunted her flawless features with a skillfully applied contour makeup and swept her luscious brown locks behind her ears in a chic manner.

Happy: Gal continued the animated display at the lavish bash with actress Tiffany Haddish

The 90th Academy Awards were filled with energy, thanks to the presence of comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish. She kept the festivities upbeat and lively all evening long. Meanwhile, actress Frances McDormand took advantage of her time on stage to advocate for more funding for female-led films in Hollywood. She encouraged all female nominees to unite together for this cause, hoping to bring about positive changes in the industry. In a light-hearted moment, she even called out to Meryl Streep, inviting her to join in the effort.

Woman of the hour: Tiffany also couldn't resist congratulating Frances with a warm embrace 

With a sense of overwhelming joy, Tiffany enveloped Frances in a warm embrace to express her congratulations for being the star of the show.

Powerful: This comes after Frances called for more funding for female driven films as she asked all her fellow women who were nominated in all categories to stand with her

Frances appealed for more financial support for female-directed films and encouraged all female nominees to join her movement. This highlights her unwavering commitment to promoting women’s empowerment in the movie industry.

Incredible moment: Frances then asked all the female nominees of the night to stand with her in solidarity; She went on to add humorously, 'Meryl, if you do, everyone else will' 

Frances created an unforgettable moment by inviting all the female nominees to stand together in solidarity during the event. She even shared a lighthearted moment with Meryl, playfully suggesting that if she stood up, the rest would follow.

She's ready: 21-time nominee Meryl Streep got to her feet and helped rouse everyone to attention

Having received 21 nominations, Meryl Streep was poised to leave a significant impression. Taking the stage, she urged the audience to be present and attentive.

Having her say: McDormand closed with a message clearly directed to industry insiders, 'I have two words to leave with you tonight: inclusion rider'

During her final speech, McDormand addressed an important message to those working in the entertainment industry. She was inspired by Meryl Streep’s action of supporting her female nominees and thus, urged everyone to pay attention to the many stories and projects that require funding. McDormand asked industry insiders to invite filmmakers to their offices or visit their offices to learn more about these projects. She concluded her speech with two words, “inclusion rider,” which were meant to be a straightforward instruction to prioritize diversity.

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