Is Lisa’s Billion-Dollar Contract with the Record Label Worth the Shocking Terms?

The news of Lisa (BLACKPINK) signing a contract with an American record label has caught the attention of many fans. On April 10, LLOUD company made an official announcement that Lisa will be joining RCA Records, which is under Sony Music Entertainment in the US. This partnership with RCA Records will see Lisa joining the ranks of top artists like A$AP Rocky, Becky G, Doja Cat, Foo Fighters, Justin Timberlake, SZA and more. Through this new venture, Lisa aims to increase her presence on the global stage by taking part in international projects as a member of the label.

The announcement of Lisa joining RCA Records, a well-known record label, has been making headlines since September 2023. Korean media first reported the news on September 21, 2023, revealing that Lisa from BLACKPINK would be signing a contract with an American record label.

According to the post, Lisa was offered a contract worth 60 billion won (1086 billion VND) for 6 albums, giving her the opportunity to establish her own studio, collaborate with musicians, and own the copyrights to her albums. She will also continue to be involved in performances and fashion activities.

Reports also confirmed that Lisa turned down a 50 billion won (918 billion VND) contract renewal offer from YG Entertainment. The deal with RCA Records is clearly much more lucrative in comparison.

RCA Records has assured that Lisa will have full ownership of her future recordings, aligning with the information that was leaked by Korean media over half a year ago.

The agreement between Lisa and RCA Records is estimated to be valued at 60 billion won (equivalent to about 1086 billion VND). News has spread not only in Korean media but also in international outlets regarding Lisa’s contract with the American record label. A foreign news site mentioned in September 2023 reported that Lisa’s upcoming contract with the US label will be one of the most profitable recording deals in pop music history. The contract will grant Lisa ownership of all her future music, including around 6 new albums, and provide her with full creative control over her music and career.

In addition to music, the deal with the American label will also open up opportunities for Lisa in various entertainment sectors, such as Hollywood movies, video games, fashion, and lifestyle. Moreover, Lisa will have her own record label through which she can sign new artists, solidifying her position as a multifaceted entertainment mogul.

The renowned global pop icon, Lisa, is on the brink of expanding her reach as she finalizes a global partnership with an undisclosed US-based record label. This groundbreaking deal, set to be officially unveiled early next year, will pave the way for Lisa to establish her own entertainment company in collaboration with the new New York-based label, Madison Avenue.

As part of the 7-year contract, with the option to extend to 11 years, Lisa will receive an upfront payment of $60 million, marking it as one of the most lucrative contracts ever offered to a Kpop star. The long-term commitment is on par with a similar agreement the label struck with Beyoncé, showcasing the immense value and potential of Lisa’s future endeavors.

As per reports from global media sources, it has been indicated that Lisa’s agreement with the American record company will extend for a duration of 7 to 11 years starting from September 2023.

The confirmation of Beyoncé’s agreement with RCA Records is solid proof of its authenticity.

Is Lisa’s record deal worth over 1 trillion VND and the contract term causing a stir?

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