Jennie and Yugyeom’s Unexpected Exchange Ignites Fan Frenzy During WOODZ’s Concert

Social media users are going wild over an unexpected encounter that has caught the attention of fans of K-pop groups BLACKPINK and GOT7.

The Instagram account of Jennie from BLACKPINK showcases her unique style and beauty.

Apart from their remarkable musical talent, one common thread among the members of GOT7 is their close friendship with the talented K-Pop soloist, WOODZ.

Over the course of their careers, Jennie and Yugyeom have consistently showcased their close bond with the talented solo artist, WOODZ, in various ways, be it subtly or openly acknowledged by their devoted fan base.

Jennie embraced the electric atmosphere of the WOODZ concert in 2023. Her presence was captured in a candid moment, shared on her Instagram page (@jennierubyjane).

The pair made an appearance together at the exclusive “W Korea” gathering.

Yugyeom and WOODZ spotted together at a happening gathering




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