Jisoo’s Unveiling of School Days: Love Letters and Triangular Hairstyles

Jisoo, the enchanting vocalist of BLACKPINK, recently took fans on a nostalgic journey into her past, revealing intriguing anecdotes from her school days during a television program. Among the revelations, the singer disclosed that, during her time in school, her desk drawer was not only filled with food but also adorned with an abundance of love letters. The revelation provided a charming glimpse into the life of the global K-pop sensation before her meteoric rise to fame.

The story unfolded as Jisoo candidly shared her experiences from middle school, a time when her perception of beauty was still in its infancy. Describing her appearance at the time, she humorously mentioned her “triangular” hairstyle, a trend that involved a shoulder-length cut with blunt bangs, resembling a triangular rice ball. Jisoo reminisced about her carefree days when beauty standards were far from her mind.

Jisoo’s journey into the limelight began in high school when her friends started noticing the attention she garnered. The revelation that admirers would leave tokens of affection such as bread, snacks, and love letters in her desk drawer left Jisoo both surprised and amused. Recounting the experience with a joyful demeanor, she humorously added, “At that time, I was still wondering whether I should eat them or not.”

Since her debut with BLACKPINK in 2016, the group has soared to become one of the world’s most prominent music acts, excelling in music, acting, and fashion. Recently, Jisoo has ventured into solo activities under her brother’s management company, showcasing her versatility and ambition.

Despite the excitement surrounding her solo pursuits, YG Entertainment has confirmed that individual promotional activities for BLACKPINK members under the company’s management will not proceed, leaving Jisoo’s solo endeavors under a new management venture.

Apart from her professional journey, Jisoo’s personal life has also garnered attention. Her public relationship with actor Ahn Bo Hyun, revealed through Dispatch’s release of secret photos, stirred curiosity among fans. Despite sharing similarities in interests and views on acting, singing, and fashion, the couple announced their regrettable breakup after a brief two months of public dating.

As Jisoo continues to captivate the hearts of fans worldwide, her revelations about her school days offer a charming and relatable perspective, showcasing the journey of a talented artist who, before the fame, was just a student with a triangular hairstyle and a drawer full of love letters.

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