Nora Twomey showers Angelina Jolie with admiration for her performance in The Breadwinner

Angelina Jolie is a renowned celebrity in the glitzy world of Hollywood. She has taken up the role of a producer for the upcoming animated flick, The Breadwinner. Nora Twomey, the director of the movie, has showered immense admiration on the actress.

Hollywood is known for having movies with big star names as producers, but many times, they don’t really contribute to the project. However, a new animated movie is about to hit the screens, and its producer, a famous celebrity, has been actively involved in the production process, providing great help.

Angelina Jolie, the renowned Hollywood actress and director, has gained recognition for her impressive producer skills. She has been credited as a producer in the upcoming animated film, The Breadwinner, and has been actively promoting the movie alongside its unknown cast and crew. This gesture by Angelina has been highly appreciated by the director of the film, Nora Twomey.

During an interview with Grazia magazine in Britain, Twomey expressed her admiration for Angelina Jolie’s support during the production of The Breadwinner. Twomey highlighted how Jolie’s involvement in the project was a significant boost and commended her supportive nature throughout. Twomey also praised Jolie’s storytelling skills and was pleasantly surprised by the level of involvement she had in the project. However, after meeting Jolie in person, Twomey realized that Jolie’s dedication to the project was not surprising at all.

Later, she stated that Angelina is a kind and considerate person who loves to assist others. Her focus is not on her perspective but on how she can use the information provided to create a compelling narrative. It seems like the characters in the story come alive rather than the director, which was an important takeaway for her. Overall, it was a highly beneficial encounter.

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