Selena Gomez Reflects on Finding Beauty in Pain Through Bieber-Inspired Breakup Track, Flaunts Sizzling Purple Jacket

Selena Gomez says 'something beautiful came out of a lot of pain' as she promotes Bieber-inspired breakup track in sizzling purple jacket

Selena Gomez is currently on a promotional tour in New York to promote her new singles, Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now. During an interview on SiriusXM, she disclosed that her breakup with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber served as inspiration for the creation of her single Lose You To Love Me. She wrote the song at the beginning of the year when she was in Los Angeles for a studio session. Within two hours, the song was completed and ready to be shared with the world. Selena looked stunning in purple during the interview as she opened up about her creative process.

Selena sizzled in purple on Tuesday, as she visited a series of radio stations in New York

During her visit to New York radio stations on Tuesday, Selena Gomez made a statement in a stunning purple outfit. As she promoted her new breakup track inspired by Justin Bieber, she spoke about how something beautiful can arise from painful experiences. One of her stops included Music Choice.

Rise and shine! Selena Gomez dressed in style as she was spotted emerging from a local radio station while in New York City for her press tour

As she spoke, she reflected on the pain that inspired her recent song, acknowledging that it ultimately resulted in something beautiful. She explained that her new work differs from her previous singles and records, not necessarily in a drastically different way, but rather in how she has continued to mature and explore new directions. While she is still figuring out where she wants to go artistically, she finds it exciting to try new things.
She emphasized that her intentions are never malicious, as she simply does not know how to be intentionally hurtful. Although she can be straightforward at times, she strives to come from a place of authenticity. When she feels like there are things left unsaid, she channels those emotions into her art.

Beautiful: The singer looked happy as she smiled and took numerous pictures with lucky fans who waited outside of the studio for her arrival

Selena Gomez, 27, was all smiles on Tuesday as she posed for pictures with excited fans who had been waiting for her outside Music Choice studio in New York City. The talented singer looked stunning as she emerged from a local radio station during her press tour, dressed in a stylish outfit that included a bright purple jacket over a gray collared button-up shirt. Her bold fashion choice definitely turned some heads, but Selena pulled it off effortlessly and looked beautiful as always. It was clear that she was having a great time interacting with her fans and spreading positive vibes all around.

Stylish: For this afternoon's look, she wore a gray collared button up that she had showing through her bright purple jacket

Looking fab! To finish of the look, she wore a pair of deep purple slacks that flared out at the bottom

She had a jacket tied around her waist with four big white buttons. The jacket had a broad lapel and a deep V-neckline that gave a glimpse of her button-up shirt underneath. To complete the outfit, she paired it with flared deep purple slacks. She looked absolutely fabulous! Rumors suggest that her first single broke many hearts as it was about her tumultuous relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. She revealed that she wrote the song earlier this year while recording in Los Angeles.

Her ex: Her heartbreaking first single is rumored to be about her past love about her on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber

Opening up: She said she wrote wrote the song in the beginning of the year while in a recording studio in Los Angeles

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