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Taylor Swift has released her latest album “Reputation” which comes with two glossy magazines, Volume 1 and Volume 2, both available at Target. These magazines feature pictures, lyrics, poems, and paintings. While some images are from professional shoots, many are semi-candid photos that capture Taylor’s casual moments. In some pictures, she can be seen indulging […]

In her latest album, Evermore, Taylor Swift acknowledges surviving through difficult times with the line, “Long story short – I survived.” This theme of recounting challenging experiences has been present in her music since her early days in the Nashville country scene. Even her first song, “The Outside,” from her debut album in 2006, touches

Taylor Swift has recently released her latest album, Reputation, along with two magazines that feature an array of content such as pH๏tographs, lyrics, paintings, and poetry. These magazines, Volume 1 and Volume 2, can be found at Target. While some of the pH๏tos were taken by professionals during magazine cover shoots, other semi-candids appear to

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