The Adorable Factor: 27 Instances of “Wonder Woman” Stars Looking Beautiful in 2017

Gal Gadot, the star of the blockbuster movie “Wonder Woman,” has won over fans with her charming personality and adorable moments throughout the past year. Despite her success on the big screen, it’s her approachable demeanor that endears her to audiences even more. Watching her silly expressions and humorous mishaps, like when she accidentally referred to SpongeBob as “Sponge Bob,” is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Gal’s sunny smile and beauty make her an all-around beloved celebrity.

It was a blunder that was quickly replicated by Chris Pine. When she spotted her image on another person’s shoe, her response was priceless. “You’re on my shoe, Gal,” he said. “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it!” she exclaimed.

3. Winning a word game can be quite satisfying, especially when the resulting phrase is something like: “Your anger towards women and admiration of men has come to an end.”
11. It’s interesting how one can discuss the apocalypse while still maintaining a cute demeanor.

“Don’t fret, it’s just the apocalypse. No need to stress,” she declared before playfully pretending to drop an imaginary microphone.

13. Here comes another moment of dropping the microphone. “I ended up puking all over the place… I don’t mean to gross you out. I’m just being honest with everyone.”
18. She closes her eyes to concentrate on the correct item.

“Hey, pay attention to me instead of her!” I adore Wonder Woman and all that she symbolizes – love, truth, justice, equality, and compassion. She embodies the essence of a true woman. And who else can pull off wearing duct tape on their butt and still look this good?”

25. She admits to being powerless when it comes to chocolate. It’s her ultimate weakness that she just can’t resist.

26. This stunning woman is a fierce advocate for women’s rights. The driving force behind every superhero film is the director – someone who possesses an unwavering resolve, impeccable trustworthiness, and decisiveness. Unfortunately, the superhero in question is often expected to be male, but times are changing.

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