“The Instagram Battle of Bikini Snaps: Comparing the Most Liked Posts of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez”

These individuals have a great deal of self-love, and it seems that their admirers feel the same way. It was mentioned previously that Kylie Jenner is receiving more Instagram likes on her swimwear photos than her older half-sister Kim Kardashian.

Kim's pic in this itsy-bitsy beige bikini got a whopping 7,830,386 likes

Kim and Kylie may have millions of likes for their poolside selfies in skimpy swimwear, but they’re not the only celebrities making waves on Instagram. Men are also joining in on the fun, sporting swim trunks or gym outfits. While less clothing often leads to more likes, a meaningful caption or birthday celebration can also make a big impact. Selena Gomez currently holds the top spot on the swimwear Insta chart with 13,489,873 likes for showing off her thigh scar after a lifesaving surgery that required doctors to cut into her leg following a damaged artery during her 2017 kidney transplant. So, if you’re hoping to achieve Insta-fame with a poolside selfie, consider adding a personal touch or meaningful message to set your post apart.

Selena Gomez got 13,489,873 likes for this display of a thigh scar after lifesaving surgery

Selena Gomez received over 13 million likes on Instagram for bravely showing off her thigh scar from a life-saving surgery. In her post, the 28-year old American singer expressed confidence in herself and pride in what she had gone through. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian celebrated her 40th birthday by sharing a photo of herself in a tiny beige bikini, which garnered over 7 million likes from her 192 million followers.

However, Kim got only 2.4million likes for her photo in a tiny white bikini for her latest Instagram photo

Kim’s recent Instagram post featuring her in a small white bikini only received 2.4 million likes, while Kylie Jenner snagged second place on our chart with a stunning bikini photo that garnered over 12 million likes. Despite being beaten by Selena Gomez, Kylie’s immense popularity with 201 million followers makes this achievement unsurprising. It seems like Kim will have to keep dreaming for now.

Kylie's red-hot bikini shot was liked by no fewer than 12,317,497 admirers

Kylie’s recent bikini picture received an impressive 12,317,497 likes from her followers. Meanwhile, Dua Lipa, the only British representative, posed in a black bikini while claiming to be shy during her Caribbean vacation. Despite her claims, the 25-year-old singer managed to gather a whopping 5,927,377 likes, making her the most popular among the bots.

Dua Lipa's pic in a black bikini in the Caribbean went down a storm with 5,927,377 fans

Dua Lipa caused a stir when she posted a photo of herself in a black bikini while on vacation in the Caribbean, which was well received by her 5,927,377 followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj also made waves with a stunning maternity photo in July, where she showed off her blossoming belly in a flower-embroidered bikini. The Trinidadian-American rapper was met with an impressive 11,273,509 likes on Instagram for the post.

Nicki Minaj got 11,273,509 Insta hits in July as she showed off her belly in a bikini embroidered with flowers

Nicki Minaj received an impressive 11,273,509 Instagram likes in July when she flaunted her flower-embroidered bikini and exposed her midriff. In a similar vein, Colombian singer Shakira gained popularity with a photo of herself wearing a tasseled two-piece swimsuit, which garnered 5,567,631 likes. She also impressed her 69 million Instagram followers by revealing that she personally designed the swimsuit.

Shakira's shot in a purple bikini got 5,567,631 likes

Cardi B is causing a stir on Instagram yet again with her latest post featuring a floral tattoo on her backside. The rapper’s fans couldn’t get enough of the cheeky inking, which garnered an impressive 7,494,561 likes. Cardi has never been one to shy away from attention, as evidenced by her bold fashion choices in the photo, including tropical-print heels, a neon-green bikini, and brightly colored hair in shades of blue and green.

Cardi B's pic in this neon-green bikini was liked 7,494,561 times

Cardi B’s photo in a bright neon-green bikini received 7,494,561 likes on Instagram. Let’s take a look at how men in swim trunks fare on the platform. Cristiano Ronaldo, the football star, has the most Instagram followers among men, with 243 million. A whopping 12,480,682 of them liked his photo in this post.

Cristiano Ronaldo got 12,480,682 likes on this shot

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram post received a whopping 12,480,682 likes! Meanwhile, basketball star Lebron James also received a lot of love on his post with 2,438,354 likes. He also impressed his followers by posing with the influential Malcolm X civil rights book.

Lebron James racked up 2,438,354 likes on this topless pic

Lebron James has received a staggering 2,438,354 likes on a picture of himself without a shirt on. This is the most popular item in the Celebrity section. Among the celebrities listed, Dwayne Johnson, at 48 years old, is the oldest.

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However, the WWE superstar still maintains an impressive physique, just like the American superstar’s Instagram post which has gained 4,776,629 likes for showcasing their workout routine.

The Rock got a whopping 4,776,629 likes for this gym shot

The Rock’s gym selfie gained an impressive 4,776,629 likes on Instagram. In other news, there is a woman who is so obsessed with the Kardashians that she looks just like her idol and is even dating someone who resembles Kanye West. If you have a story to share, contact The Sun via phone, WhatsApp or email.

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