The Transformation of Angelina Jolie into the Iconic Villain, Maleficent

Maleficent is a movie that has many appealing aspects, including the delightful nostalgia of childhood memories and the captivating performance of Elle Fanning. However, the main attraction is undoubtedly Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of the titular character. She has a remarkable ability to play the part of an evil villain better than most, yet she still manages to maintain a certain likability about her. Nonetheless, becoming this character was not as simple as just putting on a scary laugh and wielding a scepter.

Transforming into Maleficent was a team effort that involved the collaboration of costume designers, makeup artists, and even a milliner. It was not something that happened overnight. Director Robert Stromberg revealed that Angelina Jolie was deeply invested in bringing the character to life and they worked together to create a unique interpretation of Maleficent that was both recognizable and distinctive. The end result was a stunning portrayal on screen.

In the movie, Jolie donned a cape ensemble that was easily recognizable as the character’s signature look. However, the spookiness level was taken up a notch with the addition of incredibly realistic horns and wings, as well as a silicone nose, cheeks, and ears. The makeup effects were designed by Rick Baker, who found it surprising that creating Jolie’s fake face was the easiest part of the process, at least for Jolie. Baker explained that the horns were a significant challenge, as no one wants to wear big horns on their head all day. Eventually, the team decided on magnetic horns that could snap on and off during scenes, allowing Jolie to spend time with her children when needed. Baker sculpted the horns from molds of Jolie’s head, and milliner Justin Smith created six different looks using python and fish skin for the different seasons and occasions in the film to make the overall look as eerie and evil as possible.

To complete Maleficent’s makeover, her nails, makeup, and accessories were given special attention. The shoes she wore were crafted using animal skin, feathers, and bones to emphasize her non-human nature. Moreover, she adorned herself with a variety of animal-inspired fashion pieces, including collars, rings, brooches, bracelets, and shoulder pieces, all made from the same materials.

Jolie and her makeup crew decided against using the iconic green skin of Maleficent from the classic Sleeping Beauty cartoon. They wanted to maintain her beauty and appeal, and not make her look too beastly. To achieve this, Baker painted Angelina’s eyelids with a unique design and made her wear bright red lipstick. Additionally, they fashioned custom black nails with a pearlescent finish for the actress. However, during Aurora’s christening scene, when Maleficent fully transitions into evil, Jolie wore blood-red nails underneath her black polish.

The entire production of the film was a triumph, and it’s highly likely that some viewers will have nightmares about Maleficent after watching it. However, once filming was done, Angelina Jolie seemed to enjoy her usual simple appearance. After all, being bad was easy for her.

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