“Uncovering the Vocal Brilliance of BLACKPINK ROSÉ: A Comparison with ‘I-LAND 2’ Singing Contestants”

Recently, K-netizens gathered on a popular forum to discuss the theme song of the survival show I-LAND 2, called “Final Love Song”. The debate got heated as they compared the performances of the show’s contestants with BLACKPINK’s Rosé, who collaborated on the song on April 4. The forum thread titled “The quality difference between Rosé’s parts and the trainees’ is noticeable” sparked a lively discussion about Rosé’s exceptional vocal prowess in the K-pop industry. Many netizens pointed out that even with just a few seconds of singing, Rosé outshone the “I-LAND 2” contestants who sang most of the song. While some comments may have seemed harsh, it was evident that the netizens acknowledged the trainees’ talent and potential. However, they emphasized that the contestants need to put in more effort to improve their vocal skills if they want to succeed in the fiercely competitive K-pop industry.

ROSÉ BLACKPINK’s voice is considered a national treasure. Fans in Korea have been quick to point out the clear difference in singing ability between her and the contestants on I-LAND 2.





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