“Why Dua Lipa Gave Up Modeling: The Snack Struggle of a Pop Queen”

At 11:40 on August 26, 2020, Quynh Anh shared some information.

Although it may sound like a joke, the story of Dua Lipa, the owner of the hit song “New Rules,” sheds light on the harsh realities of the modeling industry worldwide. This talented artist is now one of the most renowned female celebrities, with several chart-topping songs that include “IDGAF,” “Don’t Start Now,” “One Kiss,” and many more. Her unique and colorful style of music, combined with her positive energy, has earned her the title of “new generation pop queen.” Despite being in the industry for only five years, Dua’s distinct musical flair and deep vocals have garnered her a massive fanbase.

Dua Lipa on the cover of Vogue

Did you know that Dua Lipa’s journey to stardom wasn’t a straightforward one? Before discovering her passion for music, she tried her hand at modeling from a young age. Despite facing the harsh realities of the modeling industry, Dua never lost her love for fast food which left many fans both sympathetic and amused by her relatable habits.

It’s no surprise that Dua inherited her father’s love for music as he was a member of a rock band back in Kosovo where she grew up. At a young age, Dua posted videos on YouTube covering popular songs which caught the attention of many people and eventually led to her becoming a model for ASOS Marketplace at just 15 years old.

At a glance, you can tell that the singer used to be a model

Upon first glance, it’s easy to see that the talented singer was once a model. Unfortunately, her modeling career came to an abrupt end because she couldn’t meet the demands of her manager. Dua Lipa was required to lose a substantial amount of weight and stop snacking in order to be picture-perfect on the runway, leaving her in a difficult position since pizza was one of her favorite foods. Reflecting back on those times, Dua candidly confesses, “I got into modeling, but I never quite fit the mold.” After enduring constant criticism about her appearance, she decided to quit modeling altogether, finding the industry too harsh and toxic. “The beauty standards always made me overly self-conscious. I eventually realized that being true to myself was more important than trying to fit someone else’s expectations. That’s when I started using my voice to inspire others,” she said.

Even the album cover makes Dua Lipa look like she's taking a photo for a fashion magazine

The album cover of Dua Lipa is reminiscent of a high-fashion magazine photo shoot, making her look stunning. “Pineapple,” who also happens to be a model, shared that building relationships was her primary aim when she decided to pursue modeling. This is the reason why Dua had no qualms about baring it all for the camera. Although the experiences have been toxic, they have helped Dua Lipa significantly in her career. However, she eventually realized that her one true love was music. She now lives her dream every day and is content with the life she has built for herself.

Dua Lipa is gorgeous on the cover of many famous magazines in the world

Dua Lipa is stunningly featured on numerous prestigious magazines worldwide. Her journey to success was not without setbacks; however, she transformed into a charming, self-assured, vivacious, and unique singer, representing the feminist movement of today’s generation. Her self-written music emphasizes the worth and power of women, particularly those who bravely move forward after a painful breakup and decide to walk away from toxic relationships. Additionally, she uplifts other women to embrace their true selves because every single woman deserves to attain happiness.

Dua Lipa's family is always there to support and encourage the singer

Dua Lipa has a rock-solid support system in her family who continue to inspire and motivate her as she achieves new heights of success. She consistently strives to grow and deliver top-notch content to her fans. With a loving boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, by her side, her personal life is also in a great place. Fans can look forward to her latest album, titled “Club Future Nostalgia: The Remix Album,” which is set to drop on August 28 and features some exciting new songs that Dua Lipa just recently revealed.

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